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Cake Sale

Cake sale for Alzheimers.org.uk

ACL repair
‘A physios physio journey’

Congratulations to our Massage therapist, Emma Cawte.

Emma has spent the last 2 years studying  in Brighton towards a level 6 Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical Massage and Sports Massage. She has graduated recently with a DISTINCTION!! This course, run by the Jing institute of Advanced Massage Training, is the...

A great idea to help you in a medical emergency

This weekend I have been doing my first aid at work update training. We were introduced to a really useful newish app for our smart phones and I thought I should let as many people as possible know about it. 

What we have been up to

Last week we all went off to a great event at the NEC called Therapy expo. Find out why we came home so inspired!

Who came to see us this week?

Going through the diary this week, I thought it might be of interest to know what sort of things bring people here to see us.


(protection, optimal loading, ice, compression and elevation)

Post op rehab. Weeks 1 & 2

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a complex joint with a huge range of movement and creates the possibility for complex arm movements. Your Osteopath is trained to assess you and determine the nature of your shoulder pain and if necessary refer you on for further investigations that will help them to develop your treatment plan.


Here in the clinic we often get asked if osteopathy can help people suffering from arthritis. The answer is that the gentle manipulative and massage techniques we use in an osteopathic treatment can certainly help some arthritis sufferers. Read on to find out how we can help…

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We’re putting together a range of articles about how we can help you reach optimum wellness.

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