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23rd November 2017

What we saw this week

SNAP SHOT SURVEY: a typical week

Going through the diary this week, I thought it might be of interest to anyone looking at our website, to know what sort of things bring people here to see us.

Over the past week around 90 people have visited us.

Some young mums, with their babies have been in as a group to see our baby consultant and learn massage techniques for use at home. They also chat about weaning methods. This is a great chance for them to meet other new parents and share stories in a supported environment.

Our Gym has been busy with our Physiotherapist doing rehab work with a few hip shoulder and balance problems. Both Pilates teachers have done sessions with small groups.

Our counsellor has seen a number of individuals and a few couples for therapeutic support.

On the Osteopathic and Massage front we have seen patients presenting with a wide range of problems from the typical Back and Neck pains, Shoulder pain and stiffness, Headaches and TMJ dysfunction. Nerve root irritation, such as Sciatica and Carpal tunnel problems. Maintenance work for the consequences of  degenerative and inflammatory arthritis, stiffness, thoracic and chest tightness. Patients suffering with immuno-compromising disorders, and chronic fatigue. And finally Sinus disorders.

Our youngest patient this week was 4 weeks old and our oldest was 86.

We sent 4 patients back to their GP for further investigations with letters explaining our findings and concerns.